Huber Lab

Victor Huber received his training in both immunology and virology, and uses this background to model more effective vaccines against influenza viruses.  Specifically, Dr. Huber is using a technique known as DNA shuffling to generate influenza vaccines that protect against both swine and human-origin influenza A H1N1 viruses. The long term goal of this project is to develop universal vaccines that can induce broad immunity, and prevent future pandemics.
In addition, Dr. Huber is working with a multi-disciplinary group of scientists at the Sanford School of Medicine and elsewhere on a model of secondary bacterial infections that lead to mortality associated with influenza viruses.  The team utilizes clinically relevant approaches to define the contributions of vaccine-induced immunity toward limiting secondary bacterial infections.  Specifically, they are focusing on host, viral, and bacterial contributions toward the development and prevention of these devastating super-infections.  These efforts include influenza virus surveillance within swine populations for evidence of changes in circulating viruses that may predict interspecies transmission events that are associated with pandemics.