The research in our group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of novel light-emitting materials and their applications to sensing, solar energy conversion and biomedical applications.

Group News:

* Congratulations to QuocAnh Luu on his Ph.D Defense.  Excellent!

* Congratulations to Amy on her successful IGERT rotation to USD. Nice work!

*Congratulations to Jeevan and Aravind on their new paper J. Mater. Chem. C, 2014,2, 2221-2227. Great Job!

*Congratulations to Robert B. Anderson, Dr Smith, Dr May and Dr Berry on their new paper on the Yb/Er upconversion mechanism published in J. Phys. Chem.   Lett., 2014, 5 (1), pp 36–42

*Congratulations to QuocAnh Luu and Amy on their new paper J. Phys. Chem. C, 2014, 118   (6), pp 3251–3257

*Congratulations to Hugo and Aravind on their successful Ph.D proposal defense.

 Welcome to new group member Hossan, Md Yeathad.