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Want to join the VLP?

Just fill out the membership form available below (or here:, and return it to us. Then, call the English department at 677-5229 or email faculty advisor Marcella Remund to find out when the next VLP meeting will be.

VLP membership is open throughout the school year, to students of any major—undergraduate or graduate. No experience is needed. “The VLP isn’ t just for English majors,” says Marcella Remund, VLP faculty advisor. “We have biology, computer science, history, business, psych, poli-sci, and theatre majors. That’ s part of what makes us such a great group, and it’ s why the VLP has been around since the 1960’s!”

VLP membership gives you hands-on experience (awesome on your résumé) editing/publishing a literary journal; organizing & hosting literary events; advertising & public relations; event promotion; mentoring young creative writers; community outreach; and much more. “Really, there’ s something for everyone,” Remund says.

VLP co-faculty advisor Michelle Rogge Gannnon points out that the experience students gain goes beyond their degree. For instance, former VLP editor-in-chief Sarah Anderson graduated and went on to work at PC Magazine in New York City. Anderson says her VLP experience helped her land the job.

Students can participate in the VLP as much as their schedules permit. Gannon adds, “Some people really commit to VLP and do lots of stuff all the time, while others may only do a few activities each semester. Either way, it works. We invite people to come to a meeting and find out what it’s all about.”

For more information, contact the VLP at 677-5229 or email

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Aug 17, 2019, 4:06 PM