Poetry readings and slams. A literary magazine. An annual 3-hour short story contest in a computer lab. A community writers' group. A youth writing camp. A literary festival. . . . hey, don't YOU want to get involved?
The Vermillion Literary Project (VLP) is the University of South Dakota’ s only student literary & creative writing organization. The award-winning VLP publishes the U.’ s only student-produced literary journal and promotes all sorts of literary events, for both the U. community and the general public. VLP membership is open to U. students of all majors, undergraduate or graduate. No experience is needed!
If you're a writer, interested in editing & publishing, or just want to know more about the campus literary scene, check out our website. And if you want to know when the next VLP meeting will be, email our faculty advisor, Marcella Remund, at mremund@usd.edu.
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