I began teaching undergraduate psychology courses in 2002-2008 as an adjunct at the University of Houston-Clear Lake in a Texas prison. This led to additional teaching assignments at San Jacinto Community College, social work classes at the University of Houston, and social work classes at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. By the time I began at the University of South Dakota in 2010, I had taught over 50 courses as an adjunct or teaching fellow.

Currently, my primary teaching responsibilities are in the BSSW program where I teach:

SOCW 200 Field of Social Work (an introduction to social work and social welfare)
SOCW 320 Research Methods for Social Workers
SOCW 321 Statistical Applications for Social Workers
SOCW 400 Social Policy
SOCW 484 Social Work and Mental Health (fall)
SOCW 492 Special Topics: Undergraduate Writing Seminar (intermittently)
SOCW 492 Special Topics: Financial Empowerment (spring)

Less frequently, I teach in our off-site MSW program. In that program I have taught:

SOCW 600 Policy Analysis (redesigned for online delivery in 2014)
SOCW 601 History and Philosophy of Social Work
SOCW 700 Advanced Social Policy

Both my undergraduate and graduate student IDEA summary evaluations have consistently rated me above the national discipline averages for Social Work & Service. Of the 57 classes I have taught in 23 semesters, I have been rated by my students in the top 10% of instructors 3 times, in the top 30% of instructors 33 times, in the middle 40% 20 times, and once in the lower 30%.

In most of my classes I attempt to construct assignments that may potentially lead to student publications or student presentations. Please see My Students for a summary of their success.