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Social Welfare Research Consortium

I co-founded a voluntary association of social work educators teaching social welfare policy in 2012 with Elena Delavega of the University of Memphis. Our vision was to conduct annual pre/post-test research projects and to recruit faculty from teaching institutions to join our projects. Without funding, the 15 or so active faculty have completed seven annual project and planning has begun on our eighth. Our annual projects have included:

(8) Changing Student Perceptions of Wealth and Taxes, AY2019-2020 (IRB approval no. 2019.065, manuscript in preparation).
(7) Preparing Social Work Students to Work with Immigrants, AY2018-2019 (manuscript in preparation).
(6) Educational Outcomes for Social Work Policy Class, AY2017-2018 (data collection complete).
(5b) Changing Students' Belief in a Just World: In-class Simulations as Effective Pedagogy, AY2016-2017 (in revision for new submission).
(5a) Understanding Obstacles to Changing Students' Belief in a Just world, AY2016-2017, (JBSW, in press 2021).
(4) Teaching Characteristics and Student Satisfaction: Impact on Social Work Student Interest in Policy, AY2015-2016 (JSWE, 2019).
(3b) Changing Social Work Students Perceptions of the Role of Government in Policy Class, AY2014-2015 (JSWE, 2017).
(3a) Exploring Regional Differences in Social Work Pedagogy: Attitudes toward Poverty, AY2014-2015 (CRSW, in press 2022).
(2) The Blame Index: Exploring the Change in Social Work Students' Perceptions of Policy, AY2013-2014, (JSWE, 2017).
(1) Increasing Awareness of White Privilege among Social Work Students, AY2012-2013 (Multicultural Education, 2018).
In addition to these manuscripts, our findings have been presented 11 times at professional conferences in 2014 through 2018.