My Google Scholar Citation page is located at: Peter A. Kindle Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar Citations maintains a record of many of my publications and citations of my publications. For applied fields of study like social work, research has indicated that the h-index may be a more valid measure of scholarly impact than the Social Science Citation Index because of the longer lead-time for dissemination of results and the increased longevity associated with published results.

Lacasse, Hodge, and Bean (2011) reported that the median assistant professor h-index at the top 10 social work programs in the United States was 3.97; the median associate professor h-index at these schools was 8.59; for full professors 16.14.

My current h-index is 10 in my second year as a full professor.

Lacasse, J. R., Hodge, D. R, & Bean, K. F. (2011). Evaluating the productivity of social work scholars using the h-index. Research on Social Work Practice, 21(5), 599-607. doi: 10.1177/1049731511405069