I have been presenting at conferences since 2001. Until 2018, I regularly submitted proposals to present at the Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, the Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors, and the National Institute for Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas. In 2018 I turned my focus to writing instead of presenting. A complete list of my conference presentations is include in my Curriculum Vitae on the Home page.
2013-2019 Conference Presentations

Finding Community in Imperfection. National Alliance on Mental Illness, Watertown, South Dakota, 2018.

Assessing Support for Transgender Rights: A New Scale, Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit, Houston, Texas, 2018.

Opportunity for Equity in the Community: Museum Field Trips for Disadvantaged Children, SSWR, Washington, DC, 2018.

Earned Income Tax Credit: Unequal Access and Unequal Outcomes, SSWR, Washington, DC, 2018.

Welfare Myths, Democratic Forum, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2017.

Characteristics of Effective Policy Instructors in Social Work. CSWE, Dallas, Texas, 2017.

Culture and Relationships: Ethical Challenges for Social Workers. CSWE, Dallas, Texas, 2017.

Social Work Education to Meet the Cultural Challenges of Our Changing Demographics. CSWE, Dallas, Texas, 2017.

Blaming in the Rural Context. Rural Conference, Jackson, Tennessee, 2017.

Predicting Rural Attitudes toward Immigration and Immigrant Assimilation. Rural Conference, Jackson, Tennessee, 2017.

Understanding Welfare Economics. Rural Conference, Jackson, Tennessee, 2017.

Helping the Working Poor in the Post-Trump Era: The EITC. Policy 2.0 Conference. St. Louis, Missouri, 2017.

Using Evidence in Practice. NASW-SD. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2017.

Back to the Future: Teaching Economics in the Social Work Classroom, BPD, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2017.

Food, Poverty, and Politics: Social Work's Ethical Obligations, BPD, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2017.

Building a Collaborative: The Social Welfare Research Consortium, CSWE, Atlanta, Georgia, 2016.

Changing Social Work Student Perceptions of the Supportive Role of Government, CSWE, Atlanta, Georgia, 2016.

Ethical Challenges for VA Social Workers, VA Medical Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2016.

Does the Color of the State Affect the Likelihood to Take Food Stamps, Rural Conference, El Paso, Texas, 2016.

Predicting Support for Transgender Rights, Rural Conference, El Paso, Texas, 2016.

Rural Food Poverty and Food Stamps Non-Claim Rate, Rural Conference, El Paso, Texas, 2016.

Food, Poverty, and Politics Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide, 4th Social Work Symposium, Memphis, Tennessee, 2016.

Social Work Educators' Perspectives on the BSW-MSW Research-Statistics Continuum, BPD, Dallas, Texas, 2016.

Candy and Taxes: Teaching Tax Policy in the Social Work Curriculum, BPD, Dallas, Texas, 2016.

The Blame Game: Student Attitudes toward Poverty, BPD, Dallas, Texas, 2016.

Rural Parents' Perspectives on Child Welfare: Contextual Differences. BPD, Dallas, Texas, 2016.

Culturally Competent Financial Education (webinar), National Association of Social Workers - South Dakota Chapter, 2015.

Rural Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs about ELLs, ALER, Costa Mesa, California, 2015.

Can you see the Bootstraps: Changing Students' Perceptions of Poverty, CSWE, Denver, Colorado, 2015.

Reducing White Bias toward Native Americans, 40th National Institute for Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas, Vermillion, South Dakota, 2015.

Establishing a Baseline for Assessing Change in Student Attitudes, Policy 2.0 Conference, Austin, Texas, 2015.

Reducing White Bias toward Native Americans, Third Social Work Symposium, University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, 2015.

New Directions in Mental Health: NIMH's Research Domain Criteria, NASW - South Dakota, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2015.

Understanding Fringe Economic Behavior, Convening for Financial Capability and Asset Building, Center for Social Development, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 2015.

Improving Student Motivation through Rigorous Assignments, BPD, 2015

Changing Student Perceptions in Social Welfare Policy Class, BPD, 2015.

Are We Teaching Financial Education Correctly?, CSWE, October 2014.

Indirect Measures of Student Competencies: Diversity in Practice, Human Rights and Justice, CSWE, October 2014.

Rural Parents' Perspectives on Rights of the Child, Rural Conference, July 2014

Teaching Critical Thinking in Policy Class, CSWE, November 2013

Employment Challenges Reported by BSW Graduates of Rural Social Work Programs, Rural Conference, July 2013

Financial Stress, Health, and Mental Health: A Review of Recent Findings, SHS Research Conference, April 2013

Beyond the Classroom: Teaching Undergraduates to Write Book Reviews, BPD, March 2013

Professional Conferences where I have Presented

Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors

American Psychological Society (now the Association for Psychological Science)

Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers

Convening for Financial Capability and Asset Building

Council on Social Work Education

Democratic Forum, Sioux Falls, SD

Mental Wellness Conference, Yankton, SD

National Alliance on Mental Illness, South Dakota Annual Conference

NASW-South Dakota Annual State Conference

NASW-Texas Annual State Conference

National Gerontological Social Work Conference

National Rural Social Work Caucus

North American Association of Christians in Social Work

Policy Conference 2.0

School of Health Science Research Conference, University of South Dakota

Social Welfare Action Alliance

Social Work Symposium, University of Memphis

Society for Social Work and Research

Southwestern Social Science Association

Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit

VA Medical Center, Social Work Retreat, Sioux Fall, South Dakota