I customarily require my graduates students to submit a book review for publication, and I also offer bonus points to my undergraduates for doing so. I am also committed to helping my undergraduate research teams to submit manuscripts for publication based on their original data. Here are the results to date.
Students who have had Articles Accepted for Publication

Rebecca Anderson (BSSW)
Renae Arkfeld (BSSW)
Natasha Auch (BSSW)
Candace Burk (BSSW)
Trisha Callaghan (BSSW)
Ashley Dwyer (BSSW)
Melissa Fellows (BSSW)
Elisabetta Giomo-James (BSSW)
Cynthi Gomex (BSSW)
Jessica Graupmann (BSSW)
Elizabeth Johnston (BSSW)
Lindsey Jones (BSSW)
Mary Laidlaw (BSSW)
Melanie Millar (BSSW)
Ryan Myers (BSSW)
Lori Nooney (BSSW)
Julie Nowak (BSSW)
Alicia Ray (BSSW)
Jennifer Reeves (BSSW)
Aubrey Sholty (BSSW)
Kathryn Smith (BSSW)
Robert Jon Stanley (BSSW)
Twyla Steinberger (MSW)
Franke Strckland (BSSW)
Teresa Thomas (BSSW)
Alyssa Tucker (BSSW)
Stephanie Utech (BSSW)
Jenna Visser (BSSW)

Journals Where my Students have had Articles Accepted for Publication

Contemporary Rural Social Work (articles)
Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services

Students who have had Book Reviews Accepted for Publication

Jaclyn Adrian (BSSW)
Lacey Anderson (MSW)
Rebecca Anderson (BSSW)
Stefanie Auch (MSW)
Melanie Barse (BSSW)
Jessilynn Bean (BSSW)
Becky Beringer (MSW)
Katherine Bice (BSSW)
Nic Brokenleg (MSW)
Jess Casper (MSW)
Diane DaCosta (MSW)
Sarah Deming (BSSW)
Ashley Dwyer (BSSW)
Christina Early (MSW, twice)
Amanda Ekle (BSSW)
Natasha Fischer (BSSW)
Paige Fossum (MSW, twice)
Katey Gerken (MSW)
Lauren Goetsch (BSSW)
Franke Gonzales (BSSW)
Melissa Gunderson (MSW)
Brittney Gutzmann (BSSW)
Garrett Hanson (MSW)
Chelsie Hatcher (BSSW)
Brianna Haugen (BSSW)
Jeffrey Hermsen (MSW)
Jennifer Hess (MSW)
Tayler Hoogeveen (BSSW)
Morgan Jarding (BSSW)
Abbie Johannesen (BSSW)
Zachary Kern (MSW)
Kimberley Klein (BSSW)
Shawna Koch (BSSW)
Mary Laderer (BSSW)
Megan Langley (BSSW)
Ali Lennon (MSW)
Laurie Lentz (BSSW)
Annie Nesbitt McMillan (BSSW)
Alissa Menke (BSSW)
Allison Miller (BSSW)
Michael Noga (BSSW)
McKenzie Peterson (BSSW)
Rika Peterson (MSW)
Heather Reikofski (BSSW)
Nicole Robideau (BSSW)
Michelle Sawyer (MSW)
Carleen A. Simpson (BSSW)
Sarah Shoffner (MSW)
Diana Kautz Smallwood (BSSW)
Sydney Smith (BSSW)
Paula Smykle (MSW)
Kelsey Theesfeld (BSSW)
Maria Turbak (BSSW)
Tori Varland (BSSW)
Tatum Wren (BSSW)

Journals Whey my Students have had Book Reviews Accepted for Publication

The Advanced Generalist: Social Work Research Journal
Child and Family Social Work Journal
Children and Youth Services Review
Contemporary Justice Review
Contemporary Rural Social Work
Education Today
Facts on Kids in South Dakota
Families in Society
Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work
Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work
Journal of Family and Economic Issues
Journal of Gerontological Social Work
Journal of Homosexuality
Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Journal of Policy Practice
Journal of Progressive Human Services
Journal of Social Work Practice
Journal of Social Work Values & Ethics
The New Social Worker
Online Journal of Rural Research and Policy
Poverty & Public Policy
Punishment & Society
Social Work & Christianity
Social Work and Society: International Online Journal