Numerical Analysis:  I obtained my PhD. in Numerical Analysis at the University of Iowa (1990) under the direction of professor Kendall E. Atkinson. The title of my thesis is "Iterative Method for Solving Integral Equations of Second Kind." 

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Mathematical Ecology: Recently I have been working in mathematical models derived from ecological problems; predator-prey type models with Allee effect and ecologial networks algorithms.  

  1. Since the summers 2009-present I have participated as visiting research faculty at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute MTBI an academic institute at  the Mathematical,  Computational, and Modeling Sciences Center (CMSC) at Arizona State University.
  2. I collaborate with the group of Mathematical Ecology at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, in Valparaiso Chile. We are working in predator-prey models incorporating Allee effect in the prey population.
  3. I collaborate with the Ecological Network group at the Department of Ecology at Universidad de Chile in Santiago Chile and the Laboratory of Biodiversity at the National Center for the Environment.  we are currently working in computational analysis and algorithms of ecological networks. Our current project: "Plasticity of interactions and its effect on the robustness of ecological networks to species extinctions."
  4. I collaborate with the a colleague at the Universidad Catolica del Maule, Talca, Chile.


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