Research group

Schaunna Schwabe (Undergraduate student)
Research area: Synthesis of linkers for functionalization of carbons.
Khaled Rashwan (Ph.D. student)
Research area: Controlled functionalization and biomedical applications of nanoparticles.
Brandon Burum (Ph.D. student)
Research area: Biomedical applications of silica nanoparticles.
Parvathi Jampani (M.S. student)
Research area: Mechanical enforcing of polymers with nanofibers.

David Christianson (Undergraduate student)
Research area: Dental applications of nanoparticles.

Sunny Patel (Undergraduate student)
Research area: Photoprotection of sunscreen components.

Charles Pap (Undergraduate student)
Research area: Application of fluorescent nanoparticles for immunology.

From left to right:
  Aubrey Jones, Hari Khatri, Ram Moorthy, Grigoriy Sereda, Vikul Rajpara, Subhash Banerjee