Digital Writing Sandbox

What: The DWP Digital Writing Sandbox
When: July-August 2013, January-February 2014, May 2014, additional classroom work in fall 2013 and spring 2014
Where: 100% Online
Who: For teachers and other educators interested in integrating writing and technology
Taking a 21st-century approach, the Dakota Writing Project Digital Writing Marathon provides educators with a thoughtful, intensive, collaborative exploration of a variety of technology environments and strategies for integrating writing and adapting these technologies appropriately for the classroom. The marathon is offered entirely online, with both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous communication and activities, with the majority of online work occurring in July 2013, January 2014, and May 2014. The marathon is taught by Dakota Writing Project teacher-consultants with extensive experience in integrating writing and technology for the classroom.

Teachers will

  • Examine a variety of technology environments in depth, exploring and writing;
  • Read, discuss, and write reflections on the required text Using Technology to Improve Adolescent Writing: Digital Make-Overs for Writing Lessons by Liz Stephens and Kerry Ballast.
  • Participate in synchronous (real-time) chats with other teachers about these technology environments and how best to use them in the classroom;
  • Develop and implement lesson plans using one or more of these technologies;
  • Share what they experienced and learned from implementing these lesson plans;
  • Compose a text in which they reflect on the Digital Writing Sandbox experience.

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